Compact Dry - Total Count Rapid (TCR)

Compact Dry - Total Count Rapid (TCR)

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CompactDry TCR: easy-to-use medium for rapid aerobic counts (1-2 days).

Easy to use, ready to rehydrate, dry medium that can deliver Total Viable Counts (TVC) or Aerobic Counts after only 24 hrs of incubation (for rapid results) or 48 hours for more conventional results.

Total Count Rapid forms red colonies.


  • Count after 24 or 48 hours of incubation
  • Ready to use compact & portable plates
  • Automatic and even sample diffusion
  • Easy to store: Room temperature storage and long shelf life
  • Clear color development by redox indicator makes colonies stand out
  • Good correlation at 24 hours with the conventional method (Plate Count agar after 48 hours)

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