Compact Dry - Yeast and Mould Rapid (YMR)

Compact Dry - Yeast and Mould Rapid (YMR)

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CompactDry Rapid provides ready-to-use plating for rapid 48-hour enumeration of total yeast and mould microbes in raw materials, finished product and environmental swabs. Receive answers 5 days faster than conventional methods.

Simply pipette 1mL of specimen and incubate. No pouring procedure necessary. Detection limit of Compact Dry YMR is 1-150 cfu/plate.

Yeast and moulds rapid form green/blue colonies.


  • 2-3 days to result
  • Ready-to-use
  • Automatic diffusion – no spreader required
  • Room temperature storage and long shelf life
  • Easy to interpret, chromogenic indicator highlights and differentiates yeasts and moulds
  • AOAC Approved
  • Microval Certified

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