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Easy Surface Checking (ESC) Swabs are a new tool for microbiological monitoring of surfaces, recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The range offers quality assurance personnel a variety of diluents and prefilled volumes to suit all microbiological testing requirements. The product range is manufactured to conform with International Standards. 

The product consists of a transparent plastic tube containing the collection broth and a sterile rayon tipped swab is attached to the cap. Each tube is individually labelled with the diluent name, expiry date and batch number for complete quality assurance.

  • Features of ESC Swabs include:

    • Pre-filled swab device
    • Rayon bud
    • Wide range of diluents
    • Leak-proof closure
    • Transport and storage at room temperature
    • Conform to international standards (ISO 18593, ISO 17604)

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