instaBAG - Blender Bags with Culture Media

instaBAG - Blender Bags with Culture Media

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instaBAG® is a ready-to-use filter bag which includes a dehydrated pre-dosed media, allowing a 2-in-1 process: media preparation and sample preparation for microbiological analysis.

  • Ready-to-use media
  • Just add water for easy preparation
  • Lateral filter blocks debris during blending process
  • Filter porosity: <250 microns
  • Compatible with any laboratory blender
  • Zip pouch with desiccant for optimal conservation after opening
  • Light and humidity proof aluminium pouch
  • Long shelf life
  • Compliance with ISO Standards

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instaBAG Buffered Peptone Water (BPW 90mL & 225mL)

Used to perform sample dilutions for enumeration of all microorganisms (ISO 6887). It is also used for non-selective pre-enrichment for the detection for Salmonella spp. (ISO 6579) and Enterobacteria (ISO 21528-1).

instaBAG Fraser ½ (HFB 225mL)

Used for the primary selective enrichment or as a diluent for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp. (IS 11290-1, ISO 11290-2) in food and environmental samples.