Nissui EC Blue 100P (100 Sachets)

Nissui EC Blue 100P (100 Sachets)

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The EC Blue 100P rapidly detects Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Coliforms in water (18-24hr).

Operating Procedure:

  1. Flip the pack and drop medium down to the bottom
  2. Fold down the tab carefully
  3. Add the medium into the culture tube/bottle.
  4. Interpret results:
    Coliform forms Blue/blue-green colonies.
    E. coli forms fluorescent colonies under UV lamp.


  • Rapid incubation (18-24 hrs)
  • Easy-to-use: preparation and sterilization of medium not required
  • Long shelf life (12 months)
  • Room temperature storage
  • Colorimetric enzymes for simple interpretation

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